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Woodlawn Baptist Church of Vicksburg
Monday, October 15, 2018
Reaching the world one person at a time.

The History of Woodlawn Baptist Church

In 1945 God placed a burden on the hearts of some members of the Bowmar Avenue Baptist Church for the Culkin community. Culkin, a community northeast of Vicksburg with a school but no church, was destined to become one of the larger communities surrounding the City of Vicksburg. They began by organizing a Sunday School which met in the Culkin Academy building. On April 28, 1946 nineteen people sponsored by the First Baptist Church, gathered for the purpose of organizing a new church. It would be called Woodlawn Baptist Church. One week later they began a revival meeting and before the week was over the membership had more than tripled.

From the beginning Woodlawn has had a heart for people. We have taken the words of Jesus literally. Woodlawn still enjoys the reputation of being a friendly, conservative Bible-centered church serving the community with a heart for God and for people. The dream that was given to a few people over 55 years ago is today a reality in Woodlawn Baptist Church; as it has taken its place as one of the leading churches in Warren County and continues to minister to the community and throughout the world.